MERCREDIS ART PARTY 3.0/2023 avec Teodelina Detry

Teodelina Detry is a visual artist born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1975. She studied Art Direction and Photography in Buenos Aires, Geneva and New York.

While living in Switzerland, she continued studying photography with Aline Kundig and Athena Carey. Back in Argentina with Inés Miguens, Santiago Carrera, Ana
Sánchez Zinny, Vivian Galban and at Proyecto Imaginario. She alsotook workshops with Alain Laboile, Esteban Pastorino, Marcos López, Laura Letinsky, Gaby Herbstein and Sofía Di Scala amongst others.

Since 2017, her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally. In Buenos Aires, at the Tattersal Palermo, at BAphoto with Zona de Photo Gallery, at Mundo Nuevo Art Gallery, at Otra Feria, at Cecilia Caballero Gallery and Del Infinito Gallery. In Uruguay, at CAMPO Art Fest and Galería del Paseo.

In Paris with Fotógrafas Latam. In Finland at the Helsinki Photo Festival and in Brazil, at SPArte Fair with Mario Cohen Gallery.

Her work has been highlighted in specialized magazines and various editorial publications.

In March 2020, she published her first photography book, La Anémona es una flor que se abre al menor golpe de viento, (The Anemone is a Flower that Opens Herself to the Slightest Touch of Wind). The same year she received the IPA Award for the «Book Photographer of the Year».

Le programme Mercredis Art Party 2023 rythmera les soirées alternatives à l’espace_L avec un calendrier qui propose cinq événements. Chacun, à tour de rôle, abordera le thème Home/Voyage , les concepts de quête et de recherche d’un chez soi, à travers leur démarche. Un engagement qui vise avant tout à la réflexion collective, stimulée par le travail des artistes à travers un projet fondé sur la relation entre l’artiste et sa place dans le monde qui l’entoure.

Le troisième Mercredis Art Party présentera le travail de Teodelina Detry.

Adresse : 23 rue des Bains, 1205 Genève
Ouverture : 26 au 29 avril de 11 h à 18 h
Vernissage : 25 avril de 17h à 21h

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